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Onions are poisonous for dogs!

in MAIN POST AREA * ELKHOUND BLOGS & BRAGS Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:03 pm
by k9krackers | 124 Posts

Whilst watching the BBC Breakfast programme, the topic about a dog being given Christmas Pudding in a supermarket advert was raised. Whilst it came as no surprise to me to hear from a vet taking part in the debate that dried fruits and chocolate are no-no's for dogs, I was surprised that onions were named too. I had long been aware how dangerous they are for cats but didn't realise it was so for dogs as well. The vet warned that giving your dog some lovely left-over gravy on their dinner is also not a good thing to do as many gravy products include onion unless you make your own, of course. On the subject of grapes, another known no-no, the vet reported that a dog died after consuming just 3! All I can say is, you learn something everyday.

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RE: Onions are poisonous for dogs!

in MAIN POST AREA * ELKHOUND BLOGS & BRAGS Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:57 pm
by norderhove | 130 Posts

Really surprised you didn't know about onions. I've put it in the breed notes several times over the last couple of years after one of mine pinched two huge fried onions one Christmas. They cause haemolytic anaemia and the effect is cumulative so they don't need to eat a huge amount.A little bit day after day such as left over stew with onions, will build up in their system and can make them dangerously anaemic.


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