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INT CH Elsa av Naraena

in The Rainbow Bridge Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:21 pm
by k9krackers | 124 Posts

Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)A dark day at Naraena
Int Ch Elsa av Naraena
20-04-2001 - 31-01-2013
This afternoon we had to help Elsa on her way to freedom at The Rainbow Bridge and end her long illness which we believe may have been caused by an alergy to the Rabies vaccination. Liver failure caused her to lose weight and condition and a complete lack of energy within a couple of days.
Rest in peace our lovely girl
Run free at The Rainbow Bridge
We love and miss you
Michael & Wendy Sharman

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RE: INT CH Elsa av Naraena

in The Rainbow Bridge Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:34 pm
by kamgaard | 49 Posts

Michael and Wendy,
SO sorry to hear this. As you know, saying good-bye to our four-legged friends never gets any easier. As a very wise ex-neighbor of yours once told me "just remember the good times" ... it will get you through.
Thoughts are with you,
Maggie and Sally

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RE: INT CH Elsa av Naraena

in The Rainbow Bridge Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:27 pm
by norderhove | 130 Posts

Our sympathy. You tried so hard


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RE: INT CH Elsa av Naraena

in The Rainbow Bridge Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:20 am
by k9krackers | 124 Posts

INT CH Elsa av Naraena
20-04-2001 - 31-01-2013
Bred by Els & Erik Voss in the Netherlands

I am slowly coming to terms with the loss of my sweet Elsa (Int Ch Elsa av Naraena) who was helped across the Rainbow Bridge last Thursday afternoon. Some people cannot believe that you can miss a dog when you have several in your household. Whilst it is not as bad as losing the only pet you have, it is nevertheless very close to. Elsa had been treated for 2 years whilst I lived in Sweden and came over to my friends in the Netherlands who had her successfully helped by alternative therapy along with lots of TLC. She was fine for a year and then suddenly became ill again. Having moved to the Netherlands by this time she was treated by a Specialist who diagnosed chronic inflammation of the stomach and intestines and an alergy to the Rabies vaccinations. A biopsy proved that there was no cancer present. With the help of 3 types of drugs every day she gained weight again from 15.5kg to an acceptable 20kg and, much to our great happiness, she regained much of her muscle loss on her head which had made her look so gaunt. However, over a period of 10 days she began to lose condition, weight and interest in doing anything. We took her to the vet last Tuesday and it was decided that blood should be taken and analysed before going any further. The result came back the next day. Both red and white blood cells were all over the place and liver failure was indicated. Although the Specialist would have seen her, he could not offer more than a reprieve for maybe a few weeks. Elsa looked at me and the expression in her eyes told me that enough was enough and by now she just lay on the floor and had to be helped up and carried outside as necessary. So, by now you will be thinking the same, we had no choice. She went peacefully asleep at 3 months before her 12th Birthday.


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