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Testing, breeding etc.

in MAIN POST AREA * ELKHOUND BLOGS & BRAGS Thu May 16, 2013 1:08 pm
by Bluesmate | 62 Posts

Quite quickly after we started the FB GB pages a few Christmases ago I decided to have a life outside facebook and so far I have survived quite well really, I get the odd reference at home as to what is going on but manage not to get involved. I have always preferred this and our previous site to keep in touch with Elkhound happenings as a more personal approach.

Having had the recent Fb topic on testing/breeding/money etc transferred here (and my ear bent somewhat) it has been an interesting read. Every one expressing their opinions have been mostly correct in their own way so I thought I would throw in my two pennyworth.

Testing... as we have been lucky enough to have had our then existing stock tested and found to be clear we are in a happy place. Even when I took Tina to Norway to get mated we insisted that Edward's dog was PRA/cd tested and happily it was found to be clear. This despite the Norwegian vet who is/was on the eye panel saying it was not necessary as they did not have PRA/cd. I think, stress think, that at the time it was the only stud dog tested clear because simply it was the only tested dog that we knew of. Open to brickbats on this though! Hence the progeny could be assumed to be clear, advertised as such and no testing/fees involved. Every one else of course will do their own thing, go their own way, but this is what we decide to do in order to produce 'clear' stock. This approach I feel is most cost effective (testing of progeny not required) for our pockets and I believe best for the future of the breed.

The club.... is not set up to be a policeman on testing and all those other matters that members seem to expect the club to pick up on. The rules and code of ethics are pretty clear on most matters and where something of confirmed concern has been put to the club, letters pointing to these rules, ethics etc have been sent out. I well remember some (many) years ago a case involving a high profile member being taken by many as very serious and SGMs etc happening, it did a good job of dividing the club, got us basically no where and we can do without a repeat of that. If the members agreed to let the club increase the subs to pay for a comprehensive indemnity insurance to protect itself they could do battle with every one, but this is not our or your way I am sure.

CC allocation.....That the KC should kick us in the proverbials over CC allocation reductions because our numbers are going down I find annoying, it is now that we require support from The KC not a kicking. As to CC's at Belfast I assure you it has been raised at the highest, got no where, I find this situation to be ridiculous.

Show costs..for a CC Society facing ever increasing costs and falling entries - it would take a very brave (suicidal?) committee that went for reducing entry fees so don't expect this any time soon. Just like the situation the club is in, falling membership, increasing costs but they are doing their best to keep the traditions going. Didn't spot a reference within the discussion to reducing the pricing of puppies to encourage sales.....

Think about this one, I have always viewed (I stress viewed) the makeup of the membership as being around 40%(max) showing and 60% pet owners. Now with falling membership numbers, mostly pet owners, another 30 down this year, life is looking more difficult again this year. Then there are falling puppy registrations which means less new puppy owning members which means that we do not stand a chance of replacing the lost members with this years new ones.....Oh woe is me!...less of your subscription money for the committee to spend.

OK so if you have managed to get to the end here I am pleased as it means I am not being ignored as usual!!! Thank you for persevering this far, I could go on but I guess by now you have got my feelings on this and that so that's it -- end of -- don't expect me to get embroiled further as I have a life to live -- cricket on the radio calls -- Bye.

With every best thought and wish for the continued welfare of the breed, which I am sure we all have,


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