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Rikki,, Malenibo Melody Maker

in The Rainbow Bridge Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:18 pm
by Malenibo | 141 Posts

It is with great sadness that we record the passing over the Rainbow Bridge of our beloved Rikki. (Malenibo Melody Maker) We miss her greatly already and there is a hole in my heart where she should be. She was never destined for the show ring but to be my sole mate although she was the first of Questa's litter to win a CC. She was always the Alpha dog in the pack One look and one curl of the lip and everybody scattered as she did not need to say anything. RIP my sweet one run free, I will never forget you.

Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

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RE: Rikki,, Malenibo Melody Maker

in The Rainbow Bridge Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:37 pm
by Brainless64 | 130 Posts

Oh I am so sorry, not only you, but I am sure her sister will miss her too, and the nephew and nieces. RIP Riki Tiki.

Barbara and the Grey Curly tails.
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RE: Rikki,, Malenibo Melody Maker

in The Rainbow Bridge Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:28 pm
by k9krackers | 124 Posts

So sad to hear this. Run free and Happy Hunting Rikki.
What a delightful photograph.
Love to you, Enid and the gang who must be missing her too.

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RE: Rikki,, Malenibo Melody Maker

in The Rainbow Bridge Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:03 am
by Brainless64 | 130 Posts

Please please enter this picture for the NECGB calender contest.

Barbara and the Grey Curly tails.
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RE: Rikki,, Malenibo Melody Maker

in The Rainbow Bridge Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:36 pm
by kamgaard | 49 Posts

Lovely photo and thoughts, Enid. So sorry to hear of Rikki's passing as I know how special she was to you. Just remember the good times.


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RE: Rikki,, Malenibo Melody Maker

in The Rainbow Bridge Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:44 pm
by norderhove | 130 Posts

Run free pretty girl. You leave only happy memories


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RE: Rikki,, Malenibo Melody Maker

in The Rainbow Bridge Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:54 am
by Malenibo | 141 Posts

Maureen Firth So sorry to hear your sad news.
23 June at 10:35 · Like

Esther Eaves-paull So sorry, run free with the Great Grey dog's Rikki
23 June at 10:39 · Like

Vanessa McHugh I knew it must come eventually, but I feel the greatest sorrow to hear that the two sisters have been separated, and that now only Mindy remains. I know how attached Rikki was to you in particular, Malcolm, and you will feel her loss acutely (she was a Daddy's girl like our Spooky). I'll never forget the sight of her coming towards me in the ring at Leicester - flawless, breathtaking movement - I can see it now. What a gift Anton and Questa gave to those girls. My deepest sympathy goes to you and Enid on her passing. xxx
23 June at 10:52 · Like

Karen Byrne Orange so sorry for your loss run free rikki
23 June at 10:56 via mobile · Like

Debs Moughton run free girl sending hugs xxx
23 June at 10:57 · Like

Paul Murphy Sorry to hear your news....she sounds like our own Rikki who passed a few years ago, definitely the leader of the pack with an 'Elvis' sneer as we called it that kept the rest in line!
23 June at 11:32 via mobile · Like

Anne Merrigan how awful - hope the 'elkie-shaped' hole in your heart and life is filled with happy memories
23 June at 11:44 · Like

Mel Murphy So very sorry to hear your sad loss. They leave a huge hole when they go. My thoughts are with you and Enid x Run free Rikki xxxx
23 June at 12:02 via mobile · Like

Joyce Bleumink So sorry to hear......
23 June at 12:12 via mobile · Like

Diana Hudson SO sorry Enid and Malcolm. It's always so hard
23 June at 12:48 · Like

Pam Mead So sorry to hear your sad news. You will miss her so much I know and she will never be replaced, but look at Mindy and be reminded of her sister and at Kai and Keisha and be reminded of their aunt. she will lve on in many places. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge, Rikki and find your mum Questa and sister Millie and chase bunnies to your heart's content.
23 June at 14:53 · Like

Wendy Sharman So sorry to read this post. Happy hunting over the Bridge Rikki. You leave lots of very happy memories behind you and a very sad human and 4-footed family. Love to you all xx
23 June at 15:19 · Like

Rena Lees Out thoughts are with you and Enid, very sad time for you and the other dogs.
23 June at 15:24 · Like

Katherine Gilluley So sorry to read this. The memories are stronger than the pain
23 June at 16:30 via mobile · Like

Mattsharon Tacon Sorry to hear this RIP Rikki xxxx
23 June at 16:41 via mobile · Like

Karen Gold So very sorry to hear of your sad news. So many seem to have left us this year
23 June at 17:55 via mobile · Like

Barbara Barganska So sorry,
23 June at 17:57 · Like

Tanja Mortimer so sorry to hear this, Run Free Rikki xx
23 June at 18:08 · Like

Teresa Madden sorry for your loss ..i know the pain you feel so well R.I.P. Rikki x
23 June at 18:12 · Like

Linda Ann Middleton So sorry for your loss, never easy xxx
23 June at 19:13 · Like

Karen Earl So sorry for your loss Malcolm:( R.I.P. Rikki xx
23 June at 22:18 via mobile · Like

Margaret Deuchar So sorry to hear your sad news but I am sure she will always be with you, and is now enjoying runs with her friends.
23 June at 23:10 · Like

Robert Greaves So sorry to learn of your loss.
24 June at 01:47 via mobile · Like

Enid Hicks I would like to thank everyone for all their kind comments. It really does help to know that people are thinking about you and although we knew that at 14 years 10 months Rikki's time on this earth was limited it is still not easy to let go when that time comes. So thank you again everyone for thinking of us at this time. Attached is one of our favourite photos of Rikki.

24 June at 09:00 · Like · 6

John Nagle May you be filled with all the blessings of God be with you at this time mamy many freinds keep you close
25 June at 10:41 · Edited · Like

Aaltsje Ypeij So sorry for your loss. Run free Rikki!
24 June at 12:50 via mobile · Like

Felicity Ash So sorry to hear about Rikki, she looked beautiful in her photo
24 June at 12:51 · Like

Corinne Beveridge Rest in Peace, Rikki
24 June at 17:02 · Like

Sue Clarke Loved the photo; so sorry for you all, two footed and four footed - I am sure you will all feel the loss. Take care x x
24 June at 17:22 via mobile · Like

Nicola Croxford So very sorry to read this. Thinking of you both. Nx
24 June at 19:25 · Like

Gill Bingham so sorry to hearyou sad news/
24 June at 19:26 · Like

Melanie Markfield Run free baby
25 June at 15:31 · Like

Georgina White only just saw this news. so sorry to hear of your loss. the show ring doesn't reflect the true inner beauty in the right way, and that soul that you will treasure and remember. run free xx
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