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How do you celebrate Christmas with your Elkhounds?

in Question of the week Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:43 pm
by Vanhalla | 154 Posts

Christmas Day is an at home affair. The dogs are heavily involved with every part of it. On Christmas Eve, they "help" us prepare the vegetables (raw sprouts are favourite). In the morning, after their walk, they open their presents after everyone else (usually a few biscuits or a chew wrapped up). Unfortunately, one year, that led to Ekko enthusiastically opening presents intended for other people when Mum and Stuart called round later in the day with presents for my sons..... Not as shown in the picture that accompanies this - he was on his own at the time.

Of course, they are there for every moment of Christmas dinner, usually hidden under the table, waiting for someone to drop the turkey or sneak them a bit under the tablecloth. Then, exhausted by the excitement, they take over the sofa whilst we all watch the telly.

Christmas dinner will be late this year, as Conor is working as a chef in a local pub. I expect Ekko will be distressed if we open the presents and then don't put the turkey on straight away. He loves his routine, and doesn't handle change very well. You might think he may not remember the order of play with a year between this event and the last, but he has a very long memory.

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RE: How do you celebrate Christmas with your Elkhounds?

in Question of the week Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:11 pm
by Dotty2 | 33 Posts

Sounds like the best kind of Christmas Ness, at home with family & dogs, ours is very similar, it was more fun when the kids were little as the dogs always helped unwrap presents, whether asked to or not, and caused uproar running off with slippers & cuddly toys, Happy days.

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RE: How do you celebrate Christmas with your Elkhounds?

in Question of the week Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:44 pm
by Bluesmate | 62 Posts

I know one of ours celebrated Christmas before we did - nicked the chicken whilst I was sharpening the carving knife -- got some of it back though albeit the gang finished it off later, didn't fancy it after it had been around the kitchen floor. Good job we had a ham as well.

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RE: How do you celebrate Christmas with your Elkhounds?

in Question of the week Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:33 pm
by kamgaard | 49 Posts

Christmas is usually a quiet day here. Once feeding and kennel chores are done, breakfast (or possibly brunch!) commences along with opening presents in the sitting room. The four-legged "elves" are quite adept at helping to open packages... that is when they're not pinching a bit of food on the side. The last present to be opened is a large box containing new smoked bones for all and to avoid arguments, they all go out into individual runs with their new bones for a few hours while we are busy clearing up the après package mess and preparing the Christmas meal.

The week before Christmas, I try very hard to get everyone freshly bathed and groomed out for the holiday, although this year that is proving a chore with many of our dogs popping their stuffing and moulting now (why???). Once guests have arrived and have all been officially greeted by the grey elves (some sporting fancy Christmas collars), they spend the rest of the day in the house, opting for pole position under the table and hoping some of the Christmas ham might find a way down to their level. If not, they always have a ham-ish meal on Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas to all!

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RE: How do you celebrate Christmas with your Elkhounds?

in Question of the week Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:00 pm
by newkilt | 13 Posts

Usual routine dogwalk then open presents, each one has to be checked out by all 3 dogs as it is unwrapped, new smells! Try to avoid delicate presents being trampled... Dogs snout each and every present before opening too - if any dog shows signs of subtle guarding behaviour, you can bet that present contains chocolate - there goes the surprise!!! Try to avoid doghair on new clothes in case they have to be returned - impossible - have spend many a Boxing Day picking hairs off said items before returning to shops. Though somehow, on being checked by sales assistant, I always spot least one stubborn hair... Dogs were in the huff this year as we went out for dinner for a change, so no table pickings... brought some back though to compensate, dogs were not forgotten during dinner as we discreetly shovelled leftovers into a doggy bag!

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